How to Get Term Life Insurance

It's as simple as 1, 2, 3 !

  1. Get Online Quotes. Use our life insurance quoting engine to get quotes on life products from over a hundred companies.
  2. Click the Select button next to the quoted policy you are interested in, and Send the Request Application form.
  3. Complete and the application forms. This can be done entirely online for most policies!

That's it!

Apart from the application, there will be a short medical exam given in your home or office (at no cost to you).

Then it is up to the insurer to approve your application. This typically takes 4 to 6 weeks, though that time can double if you have health issues.

Once approved, you pay the initial premium you decided upon - monthly or annual cost - and your policy is in force.

No regrets or your money-back. For a period of time after you receive your policy you can decide to cancel it and get your initial premium back. This time period is known as the "free-look period." It lasts anywhere from 10 - 30 days (depending on your state).

QualityTermLife Makes It Easy!

Family using a laptop to fill out a life insurance quote form

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* You don't pay a dime until your policy is in your hand. Plus, all of our term life policies come with a 10-30 day Money Back Guarantee - no questions asked.